Oakridge Area Trail Descriptions


Alpine Trail

Distance: 15 miles

Oh glorious Alpine! Known as the Crown Jewel, this is one wicked trail. A combination of every pleasure known to mountain biking, you can’t not love Alpine.

From the shuttle drop-off at Kate’s Cut-In, you’ll warm up for about a mile to the gorgeous Sourgrass Meadow: a 6 inch ribbon of dirt stretches seemingly forever into the distance. Cruise through the tall grass and savor the view.

From the meadow you get your first taste of Alpine downhill, blasting down 800 feet of elevation in 2 miles. The trail is super-flowy and typical Oakridge duff with sporadic roots and rocks.

After the downhill you grunt up another ~1 mile climb to the top of “Jedi Section.” Ripping through the Jedi forest you’ll keep one eye out for storm troopers with Yoda sitting on your handlebars. The Force is strong with you as you burst onto gravel at Windy Pass.

Grab some water, cross the road and bag the section along Windy Pass. You’ll roll across the road onto the singletrack and grunt up a 1 mile climb, then pop out into a beautiful meadow with excellent views of Hills Creek Reservoir and Diamond Peak. Major climbing is done at this point, so get ready for 7 miles of nearly continuous downhill! The next section is smooth and swoopy, sending you down to Buckhead Shelter. You cruise around the west side of Buckhead Mountain, barely giving your brakes a chance to cool, then BOOM! You lose 700 ft elevation in 1 mile, rocketing through more glorious singletrack.

With very few switchbacks and tight sections, this last section is like descending into heaven. You’ll glimpse your elevation in the view of surrounding hills, then rip another long unbroken strip of dirt, glimpse your elevation again and giggle as you realize you still have another 1,000 feet to descend!

As you reach the North Fork of the Willamette River and the big red covered bridge in Westfir, you’ll be thoroughly contented. Your happiness will be inconsolable. You’ll close your eyes and relive the splendor that just passed before you, and you’ll understand why we call it The Crown Jewel.

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Larison Rock

Distance: 3.4 miles (Ride from town as a loop: 9.4 miles)

Larison Rock is the quick trail you want to ride again and again. At only 3.4 miles and all downhill, it goes by quick. The good news is it’s super fun! There are a couple creek crossings, loose rocky patches, and enough tight corners to keep you awake. Like most downhill rides in Oakridge, this trail is super flowy and mostly smooth. The lush rainforest blurs as you rocket through. With nothing else on your mind but singletrack bliss, Larison Rock leaves a whopping happy memory in your mind.

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Middle Fork of the Willamette River Trail

(aka. Middle Fork Trail)

Distance: 24, 31, and 35 mile options

What the Middle Fork trail lacks in the "glitz and glamor" of it's more famous Oregon river trail cousins it more than makes up for in it's technical challenges, beauty and miles of smiles. The ride begins in Patty's Valley and ends just shy of Sand Prairie Campground. Middle Fork rides like a classic river trail: the climbs are never too long yet do a good job of keeping your thighs on their toes with their steepness and frequency in spots. Your technical abilities will be tested early and often as roots and rocks will seem to lurk in just the perfect lines. If the roots up high don't get you the 500 year old evergreen trees, natural springs, or rock formations will get your attention and try to take any breath you have left. There are literally hundreds of picture perfect spots, swimming holes and opportunities to take a break and enjoy the best backyard on earth. As a reward for your work and focus up top you will be treated to fast, swooping and almost smooth mountain biking nirvana as you ride along the banks of the river in the last handful of miles. You will duck in and out of stands of stands of big leaf maples, mixed conifer and if you hit the timing jackpot: ripe huckleberries. If Mother Nature smiles on you take a moment to play Yogi and graze the salmon, black and huckleberries. The fun can't last forever...but if you love mountain biking in Oregon and you love river trails this little trail is a life-long gem.

We suggest only intermediate-advanced riders for this ride since it is an all day affair and a very long ride.

Options: 24 miles - Start at Paddy's Valley. 31 miles - start at Timpanogas Lake trailhead.
Big lungs? Awesome technical skills? Start at Timpanogas Lake and ride the lollipop loop around Indigo Lake to get the 35 mile option.

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Distance: 8 miles

Warm your muscles on the shuttle ride 'cause you have to work a little for your downhill on this one. From the drop-off, you'll grunt in granny gear for 1.75 miles on a steep double-track to the trailhead. From there it’s another 1/2 mile grunt to a large meadow. Congratulate yourself and take in the view with fresh sun and wind in your face. From here the trail flattens out and you enter a wide-open fairytale forest of big trees, lush understory, steep terrain, and a buttery smooth trail.

Sparse rocks and roots will keep you focused as you cruise around Hardesty Mountain. The old lookout tower has been reduced to a concrete pad without views; nature strikes back! Resist the urge to turn down the Saddleback Trail, as this will not produce smiles. Instead continue forward on the happy trail. After 1/2 mile of cruising, the downhill thrill begins.

This section is fast and smooth, testing your skills with sporadic tricky roots and rocks. Slow down and you'll notice clover, green maple, Oregon Grape, and the occasional Trillium. Breathe deep the pure forest air. The trail whips around Hardesty Mountain and rockets down the ridge in swoopy smooth joy. After blazing for 3 miles you’ll hit Crale Creek Road. Let the brakes cool and regain your focus, you’re not done yet!

From Crale Creek Rd you get another 2.5 miles of the same smooth, fast, swoopy, wicked singletrack. This section tests your switchback abilities, and hiker traffic increases in the last 1/2 mile. You’ll finish at the Hardesty parking lot with an incurable smile.

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Distance: 11 miles

While not the longest or steepest trail around, Lawler serves it up both fast and flowy and throws in a couple sections of tight switchbacks to test your mettle. From the shuttle drop-off, you climb a hot gravel road for 1 mile, then enter the cool forest for another ½ mile of uphill grunting. The trail flattens out in a lush forest and then bursts into sunshine on a ridge. Pause if you wish, or hit the beckoning downhill before you.

Enjoy the ripping singletack for several miles. With nothing standing in your way, you'll quickly settle into the swoopy, flowy, and FAST ribbon of dirt. If you slow down a bit you'll notice the very old, very large trees all around you. You'll get your heart pumping again by grunting up some VERY steep switchbacks. Don't worry, it's short. Then settle back into your routine: Ripping Downhill, Quick Switchbacks, Endless Views. The guides will stop you at a hidden meadow with views of the 3 Sisters, giving you a chance to catch your breath.

It's not over yet! Two more miles of ripping downhill brings you to an old double track road. You'll coast downhill for a couple miles (take the big jump at your own risk! It has a stiff upper lip) then 1 mile of slightly uphill gravel road puts you at the rendezvous.

Flat Creek

Distance: 3 miles

Don't let the name fool you. This trail is anything but flat. It's fun, short, and yes, FAST. You’ll be grabbing brake the whole time. But it’s not just the speed, it’s the super flowy and cue-ball-smooth trail surface that makes this a winner despite the short distance. Only a couple tight corners give you pause during 2.5 miles of ripping, joyful singletrack. You’ll blast from the trees onto a gravel road. Resist the urge to go uphill and instead keep your brakes warm, enjoying the last 1/2 mile downhill to Salmon Creek Road.

Note: the gravel road is steep and traction is absent: check your speed! You’ll come screaming in to the paved road and enjoy the adrenaline surge: you may notice you’re talking faster than usual, don’t be alarmed, this is normal!

See Video of Flat Creek

Larison Creek

Distance: 6.3 miles (Ride from town as a loop: 24 miles)

Right away, Larison Creek will wake you up and keep your focus glued ahead. Just the first 1.5 miles are loaded with tight switchbacks, rock chutes, gnarly roots, tricky creek crossings, and plenty of smooth swoopy sections in between. Then it’s more technical patches, a couple uphill grunts to keep your heart moving, duffy trail, big trees, and satisfying grinning.

After 3 miles the trail joins Larison Creek. The temperature drops and you’ll notice a vast array of trillium, old growth, and lush Oregon flora. Short ups, short downs, more creek crossings, then more roots, then more creek crossings. There’s no shortage of opportunities to practice “Picking Your Line” and honing those precious technical skills.

After 4.5 miles the trail flattens out, the roots give you a break, you’re an expert now on creek crossings, and the duffy trail feels like smooth pavement. Cruise a short ¼ mile uphill, flow a short ¼ mile downhill, and repeat several times. Finish at the parking lot feeling satisfied in your conquered challenge!

From town: The pedal up starts on paved roads for 4 miles before turning off onto a gravel road. The grade levels out a bit and you’ll get several short descents, giving your legs a chance to relax. Grunt uphill, coast downhill, grunt uphill…seems like you’re not getting anywhere when suddenly you cross Larison Creek, grunt another small rise, and voila you’re at the trailhead!

Alpine - Tire Mountain - Cloverpatch-Alpine

Distance: 28 miles

Our most popular longer loop ride. 
If Alpine doesn’t sound fun enough, try this trail, known as the “ATCA” It combines Alpine with 2 awesome less-traveled trails and gives you more of a workout. You’ll start Alpine as described above, but from the 1 mile climb after Windy Pass, you’ll take a right onto Tire Mountain Trail. Right away the trail begins a gradual climb for 2.5 miles through wildflowers, and if you look closely, wild cucumber. Passing the north side of Tire Mountain, the trail descends rapidly. You’re challenged with 9 switchbacks (some are very tricky) then rewarded with a fabulous rocket trail for 2 miles. This high speed section stretches through 400 year old firs; a classic Oregon sidehill trail with several options for trailside air if you have the speed and fortitude. Cross a couple bridges and make a left turn onto Cloverpatch. Downshift for the 1.5 mile climb from a gulley to the Cloverpatch Butte Ridge. Beware, you are now in the “Oak Patch Zone,” home to VW-size poison oak bushes in the most inconvenient spots. Get ready for a 2,500 foot elevation loss! Cloverpatch throws you tight, technical sections, as well as mellow singletrack in old-growth forest. Finish with a 1mile high-speed blast on a gravel road (it’s seriously fast and loose, so check your speed!) then a 2 mile gravel road climb leads you to a 2.5 mile singe track climb. Affer that climb its a short grind of .07 miles and your back on Alpine trail to finish your ride. 

Need a little more singletrack and climbing? Add one of the the Upper Alpine "Chrome Toilet" Loop options for an extra 5-7 miles. Ask your guide about these options.

See Video of Cloverpatch Trail

Alpine - Tire Mountain - Winberry Divide

Distance: 22 miles

Get ready for a serious challenge that will reward your effort ten-fold! You’ll ride Alpine and Tire Mountain as described above. Cross a couple bridges, ignore the Cloverpatch turn-off, and begin the Grunt & Grin cycle of Winberry Trail. You’re faced with several steep yet short climbs! The trail is more technical than Alpine with fun switchbacks, rootballs, and some off-camber sections.

After 5 miles, you’ll head left onto North Shore Tie Trail (AKA Eugene To Crest Trail). Descending 1,000 ft in this section, you'll blast through more heavy canopy and high speed moderately technical singletrack. A satisfying finale puts you at Lookout Point Reservoir where your chariot awaits to whisk you back to Oakridge.

Need a little more singletrack and climbing? Add one of the the Upper Alpine "Chrome Toilet" Loop options for an extra 5-7 miles. Ask your guide about these options.

See Video of Tire Mountain Trail

Bunchgrass...because of trail issues the Forest Service has asked us to stay off of Bunchgrass for the 2015 season.  

Distance: 26 miles

Don't let the mileage fool you. This is a rugged, epic ride. Some places the singletrack is not obvious. The upper trailhead sits at an elevation of over 5800 feet. Lots of steep climbing (over 3K), exposure and wickedly tight switchbacks await you. Your reward for all that steep climbing is an epic ridge ride with fantastic views. Tight, technical switchbacks and obstacles abound. Not for the meek!




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