Oregon Adventures Shuttles

Oregon Adventures has access to hundreds of miles of world-class single track on dozens of trails. Our shuttle service and tours are based out of Oakridge, and our guides and staff are friendly locals. We are the ONLY locally based company with knowledgeable local staff.  

There are several shuttle and single day tour options available.  Find our Multi-Day Tours here.

Not Sure? Contact us and we can help you choose your adventure.


*All guided tours must be scheduled at least one week in advance.  


Oregon Adventures will be closed July 20-22 and August 17-19 for

Mountain Bike Oregon.

We will not be running Alpine shuttles June 16 (Sturdy Dirty Enduro) or Augsut 4  (Cascade Cream Puff 100) on *Alpine* due to races on Alpine on those days.  We will be opening running the triple at 8:45.  Other bookings can be made for that day if you have a group of at least 4 riders


 Shuttle Schedule and Prices

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When you book Alpine with Bookeo online it will say "tour". That is just the term built into their database.  You are paying for a shuttle not a tour.  

Alpine Shuttle Schedule


We are also offer our classic "Triple" and "4 for the $" shuttles.  (More details below) Both  shuttles must be arranged at least 2 days in advance.


We are officially open for 2018 as of May 24!


From opening day through June 15 we run our Alpine shuttle everyday at 9:45 am.


June 15-October 9th. The schedule will be:

Monday-Thursday one shuttle a day at 9:45am.  

Friday-Sunday Alpine shuttles will run at 8:45 and 11:45am.  


October 10th - End of season
Shuttle every day leaves at 9:45 am sharp.

Closing date will be Late October to Mid November, weather dependent.  

Yes we are open on holidays

Oregon Adventures is only shut the following days:

July 20-22 (Mountain Bike Oregon)

August 17-19 (Mountain Bike Oregon)

Oregon Adventures is open but will not be running Alpine shuttles on these days: 

June 16 (Sturdy Dirty)

August  4(Cascade Creampuff)


$30 per person during scheduled times. One rider minimum.
$40 per person during non-scheduled times. Three rider minimum.  

All Shuttles still run during our Oregon Adventures tours.

Bike Rentals

Please contact our friends at the Willamette Mountain Mercantile for bike rentals.  They are only 1/4 mile away and feature Ibis and other rental bikes. 

541-782-1800     http://oakridgebikeshop.com


Single Trail Shuttles

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When you book Alpine with Bookeo online it will say "tour". That is just the term built into their database.  You are paying for a shuttle not a tour.  


Alpine Trail

Distance: 14 miles. The Oakridge Crown Jewel - 14 miles of delicious singletrack. Not enough? Read the full description over on the trails page. Price: $30 per person shuttle only. Guided: $75 per person.
One rider minimum.

*All shuttles other than Alpine must be booked at least two days in advance.* We can try and pair you up with other riders to meet the four person min. for shuttles other then Alpine, but there is no promise it will happen sorry.


All Alpine shuttles ( Alpine, ATCA) drop at the same spot ( Kate's Cut In). If you are wanting to ride ATCA just sign up for the regular Alpine shuttle. 


Alpine/Tire Mountain / Cloverpatch/Alpine (ATCA)

Our most popular loop ride. Longer with more climbing than the Alpine trail. 28 miles. Read the full description over on the trails page.
Price: $30 per person. Guided: $100 per person.
One rider minimum.


Larison Rock

3.5 miles of ripping fast downhill, followed by a 1/2 mile easy spin back to Greenwaters Park in Oakridge. Take the time and spin up the 1/2 mile of switchbacks to the top of Larison Rock for another fantastic view of the Cascades. What goes up must come down! Read the full description on the trails page. Price: $10 per person
4 rider minimum.

Middle Fork

One thing Oregon is known for is long single-track river trails. We might be biased, but we think this is the best one. Read the full description on the trails page. Price: $30 per person to Paddy's Valley. Guided: $50 per person.
$50 per person to Timpanogas (the top). Guided: $100 per person.
Five rider minimum.


Bunchgrass....DUE to trail issues we have been asked by the Forest Service to stay off of Bunchgrass during the early part our 2016 season.  We hope to have access again later in the year after repairs are made.  

Don't let the mileage fool you. This is a rugged, epic ride. Some places the singletrack is not obvious. The upper trailhead sits at an elevation of over 5800 feet. Lots of steep climbing (over 3K), exposure and wickedly tight switchbacks await you. Read the full description on the trails page. Price: $30 per person for dropoff only. Guided: $75 per person.
Five rider minimum.


One Day / Multi-Trail Shuttle Packages

* All of these Single Day Tours / Shuttles must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance. We can try and pair you up with other riders to meet the four person min. for shuttles other then Alpine, but there is no promise it will happen sorry. 

 Our new MEGA one day tour​

25K In A Day Tour

In the spirit of more is better and you can’t have enough fun, Oregon Adventures has put together the Everlasting Gobstopper of one day rides: 25K in a day. Why? Because the trails are there and we like riding trails, all day. This is a full day. We’ll leave at “Oh my gawd it’s early” and finish at beer:30. Of course lunch, guides and shuttles are included. This is not for the faint of heart. We’ll be on some very fast, very exposed sections and towards the end of the day your nerves (not to mention your muscles) will be coming unraveled. Bring your favorite bike, put new brake pads on it, eat a big breakfast, stretch and hang on! We’ll begin and end on Larison rock plus ride, Heckletooth, Alpine, Lawler, Hardesty, Flat Creek, Aubrey Mt. You’ll be in the neighborhood of 55 miles and over 25,000 feet of descending. Ready? Advanced riders only. 7 rider minimum for 25K. $249 per rider includes lunch, snacks, shuttles, guide and post-ride beer from Ninkasi

Contact us to book your custom 25K:

Phone:  541.968.5397
Email:   info@oregon-adventures.com

17K In A Day Tour

If you are an advanced rider that loves to chew up singletrack uphill as well as downhill, this is the tour for you! Oregon Adventures combines the best trails to let you bag three vertical miles in a day. This is a long day with significant elevation gain as well. Advanced riders only.
See the full description of this one day tour for trails, options and prices. Do our preset dates not work for you and your crew? Just gather up seven or more of you and we'll set up your very own custom 17K!

2018 17K In a Day Tour registration: 




Alpine in the morning and Triple in the afternoon.  We had over 500 riders last Summer do this combo in a day, so this year you be able to sign up in advance for this combo.  

"Hauler" — Hardesty and Lawler Double Shutttle

Hardesty is a very well known and popular trail. First, warm up on a couple of miles of dirt road (because of a road wash out), then a steep 1/2 mile single-track climb leads to an awesome 5 mile downhill descent. There are some great views on this ride, so stop, let your rotors cool down, and soak in the scenery.

Lawler is an amazing trail that tends to get overlooked. You'll start with a 1/2 mile single-track climb. Then down, short climbs, down, more climbing and down, the ride is about 7 miles. Lawler is more technical than Hardesty with some steep and tight switchbacks. Want a little more? Ride the 1 mile (2 mile round trip) Lone Wolf trail that leads past the Lone Wolf shelter and out to a fantastic view of Lookout Point Reservoir and the hills to the west. You'll start your double shuttle experience by riding Lawler first. We'll be waiting for you at the bottom to drive you up to Hardesty.

Read the full descriptions over on the trails page. Price: $60  Guided: $100 per person.
Four rider minimum.

"Dead Rock" -- Dead Mt and Larison Rock

This is a great multi-trail package all by itself, or is a perfect add-on if you've knocked out an Alpine shuttle by early afternoon. Dead Mt is a mix of modern flow/pump trail and Oakrdige classic tight and fast singletrack. Larison rock is...Larison Rock: steep, fast and rowdy Price: $60 per person. No guide needed for this set.

"Four for the Money" — Heckletooth, Dead Mt (formally Flat Creek), Aubrey Mountain, and Larison Rock

This package is just like "The Triple", except it's an even better deal. Since the other three trails in the “Four for the Money” packet require zero climbing we added Heckletooth so you could earn that extra pint. Heckletooth—with a name like that why wouldn't you want to ride it? Depending on your drop point, the Heckletooth ride is between 7 and 11 miles and has between a total of .5 and 1.25 miles of total climbing. Heckletooth takes you though a variety of forest including old growth, a burn, and second growth. Since this ride runs along a ridge just east of town, you will be treated with some amazing views of the area. The trail is quite steep in a couple of sections, and has a couple of switchbacks that are best walked by mere mortals. Flat Creek is a 3 mile fun downhill cross-country trail with swoopy turns and lush single-track. This is like Alpine Trail's baby brother. Aubrey Mountain is a 3 mile trail that starts as a nice cross-country trail out to the meadow and then it gets steep for a mile and then returns to a cross-country style trail. Larison Rock is 3.5 miles of fast, fun, flowy, downhill cross-country style downhill. This trail is fast with lots of corners that come at you quick. Read the full descriptions over on the trails page. Price: $60 per person shuttle. Guided: $100 per person.  
Four rider minimum.


Oregon Adventures operates under a special use permit with Willamette National Forest and is an equal opportunity recreation service provider.
Oregon Adventures is a Member of Travel Lane County and Travel Oregon