Fat Bike Beach Tours

We now offer amazing Fat Bike tours along the Pacific Ocean.  

Building on the success of Mt. Bike Oregon (MBO), now rated the USA’s #1 non-racing mountain bike event, we decided to show off even more of what makes Oregon a great place to ride your bike!  Oregon Adventures is creating the next big riding event.  We are the first company in the USA to offer coastal fat bike tours.  What are fat bikes?  They are a mountain bike designed with much bigger tires made for use on sand and snow.  While riding along the coastal highway is a pretty, imagine how much better it would be without the trucks and RV's buzzing you! So we figure we'll skip the hassle and get to riding right on the beach and through the waves!  That is what we now offer.  

Plus we will also offer riders the chance to get into one of  those giant dune buggies with their bikes and be able to ride down the dunes and then go back up in the buggy to do it over and over.  Bikes are fun, we believe in that, but the Oregon coast is no one trick pony so while on these tours guests will be able to go crabbing, clamming and view tide pools.  It will be a truly one of a kind tour.

Three day to one week long tours will be offered on set dates.

We apoigize for the delay on updating details.  I broke my knee over the Winter and needed to see how it healed before setting dates for these tours.  

We are now booking private group beach tours, if you have a group of 7 or more riders we can set you up with your own custom group Fat Bike tour.  




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